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“Edward Smith […] is such a great resource for myself as a real estate broker, and for many of my clients. His knowledge of real estate and a wide range of other areas of law has often been crucial in being able to close complex transactions. I highly recommend Ed whenever the assistance of a knowledgeable real estate attorney is needed.”


Stephan provided me with the exact service I was looking for by helping me to refine, edit and understand a legal contract I required for my business. He was quick and thorough and responded in a timely manner to my requests. His demeanor was pleasant and professional.


Stephan was incredibly helpful. He took time to listen to the situation on the phone and gave advice. He was very knowledgeable and helped me through a solution even though that solution didn’t require me to hire him as my attorney. He is one of those honest lawyers that I had heard about but didn’t know existed until now.


I worked with Stephan to file a 1023 for my business. He was very knowledgeable and promptly followed up with all my questions and concerns. Thanks to Stephan, my organization has a 501c3 status. I would highly recommend NewPoint Law group for all your legal needs.


“My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ed Smith for his professional and personal service in preparing our family estate plan. He is thorough and explains every detail so well. We know we made the right choice working with Mr. Smith on something so important for our future.”


“I have been extremely satisfied working with Steve for the past 8 years. His expertise in tax and business law has saved me thousands over the years, and my wife and I are truly grateful to have him on our side. He is very respectful of us as a family, and has been very interested and considerate about the impacts of legal issues on our family. I highly recommend him and his firm.”


“Steve Brown is a top-notch tax attorney with years of experience. He knows the tax code inside and out, and can see angles that other tax professionals miss. Where others give up, Steve finds a new opportunity for relief. When I refer a client to him, I know that they will call me back happy with their representation. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him for my own issues.”


“While I worked predominately with Stephan Brown to file back taxes, Eric and Edward would also weigh in on some of the topics we needed to address. I very much appreciated the team working together in my best interest. Stephan broke down each step of the process so that I was informed and felt comfortable. As a Realtor, I strive to take the fear out of the buying and selling process for my clients. Thank you for  giving me a worry-free experience! I will recommend you to family, friends, and clients, with CONFIDENCE!”


“Eric Welch and Edward Smith were very helpful with our potential real estate issues regarding a property owner adjacent to us. Eric was generous with his time in answering my questions […] There was great attention to the details of our dilemma, and they went far above and beyond our expectations to provide us with the answers to our questions as well as to outline any possible scenarios that may require court action […] They gave us the confidence and knowledge to quickly rectify our dilemma without court action – and encouraged us to do so! We can not recommend them highly enough for their expertise, professionalism, knowledge and very genuine caring about the outcome for their clients.”



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